How To Keep Your Software Developers From Leaving For Greener Pastures.

Many companies are left scratching their heads after another senior software developer left their team for greener pastures. Some blame the "developer-shortage," while others lament their "recruitment experience." Still, others claim the company isn't paying them enough or giving them good enough benefits. Yes, these are all factors that hold weight. However, I believe that we should always start with one straightforward question….

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Azeem Marediya
5 Reasons to Partner with an IT Staffing Agency in 2019

Finding extremely talented software developers who also have a high level of emotional intelligence can be a daunting task. If you manage a software development team, then you know this all too well. You might even find yourself putting up with negative behaviors and lousy employee attitudes for far too long, all because you don't want to go through the long, drawn-out process of finding a talented java developer that fits both your company's IQ and EQ.

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